Nel Ponsaers (aka Goldie of The Golden Glows) is on a permanent quest for new sounds. From Brazil to Spain, she has collected an array of musical ideas and interweaved them with the artistry of Peter Verhelst to create índio LOURO.

índio LOURO is an ethereal magical mystery, animated by the simplicity of bossa nova, the sensuality of flamenco and the intensity of African styles. 


With just a voice and guitar, their songs resonate with the waves of Copacabana all the way to the Red Sea.

Contemplating on the meaning of our place in the world, índio LOURO embodies a woman, a philosophy, a man, a nation, a child, a way of being, a feeling, a thought ... a BLONDE Indian. 

In collaboration with some guest musicians, they will release their first album Deixa-me Chorar under own management on september 30th. Soon available on cd and limited vinyl.